MDTV, Inc, an NJ Non Profit Offer Free Content
MDTV Video Ticker Is Now Available For Syndication onto Any and All Hospital, Doctor, Community, or Publishers Web Portal Pages
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The MDTV Video Ticker Advantages
  • It is true syndication in that it does not drive users to another portal in order to see the video
  • People will stay on your web pages up to 10 times longer
  • It is Educational, Compelling, and in Public Demand
  • It is FREE and there are NO Bandwidth Charges
  • Includes Full Content Delivery Network

MDTV, Inc. A NJ non profit company offers  The MDTV Video Ticker for usage onto any web portal operated by Hospitals, Doctors, Communities, or Media. The MDTV Video Ticker contains educational medical content that health consumers demand.

Did you know that video on a web page will keep people "STUCK" to your page 10 times longer than a web page without any video? The MDTV Video Ticker is unique in that it keeps people on your website, while they watch the video.  According to the experts, the MDTV video ticker is true syndication at its best.  It is better than any RSS type of syndication or widget that drives the users to another portal in order to see the video. The MDTV Video Ticker  is a syndication tool that provides millions of dollars of video education and does not lead users away from your site. And best of ALL... It is FREE.

To use the MDTV Video Ticker, simply click on any thumbnail picture in the gray box above and when the page opens with the video, simply click and copy the embed player code onto all of your (HTML) website pages where you want it to play.  If you have any questions, call MDTV customer service at 1-800-985-MDTV.

Get Your Own Custom Video Ticker

Once you try the MDTV Video Ticker and see the results.... That is...It really works.... You can at any time order your own Custom Video Ticker by calling your local MDTV affiliated TV station, an MDTV affiliated webmaster or MDTV Direct at 1-800-985-MDTV. Please only call MDTV Direct, if you are a publisher of a web portal(s) or if there is not an affiliated  MDTV station or  affiliated media in your area.

The advantages of a custom video ticker is that
  • You can use any or all MDTV content, upload YOUR own content  or combine both
  • You can syndicate video onto other sites (just like MDTV)
  • You can have Your own video web portal (see BBNJ example)
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price for a complete video syndication solution

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• Free MDTV Content is Offered to Hospitals and Group Practices. Customized TV Channel Featuring Local Doctors Play on All Screens
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